Sunday, January 7, 2018

Waffenträger Luzifers - compilation tape this spring....

Waffenträger Luzifers - compilation tape this spring. Pro tape with AMAZING! new art work & layout from Death Metal veteran and artist Mark Riddick . Mark has been a friend and supporter of von frost records since it's birth and I thank him for all he's done for me and my label.

Now onto Germany's Waffenträger Luzifers, I only discovered these guys a few months ago when I made a trade with the label for some of their Satanic Propaganda Full-length LPs. I instantly needed more from this band, I began my search and found that they had a lot of split cd's. I contacted the band and asked them if they would be interested in releasing a pro tape with all these tracks. So what you will get is not only amazing Mark Riddick art work & lay out design you get fucking 25 tracks of Primitive Goatworshipping Black Metal. A young band that capture that Black Metal feeling that the Ancient warriors once had. .... Look out for this amazing 25 track tape along with a RKE of 50 with a T shirt & sticker. Total limited to only 100 copies. Hail Satan, Hail the true spirit of Black Metal.

No pre-order, No holds.

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