Monday, October 16, 2017

FRONT - Iron Overkill pro tape early 2018

FRONT - Iron Overkill  pro tape early 2018

Ok, It's a little early to let this cat out of the bag but I am very fucking excited about this release. The True Plague (USA) will also be a part of this release.
FRONT from Finland were looking for their 2016 album Iron Overkill (Iron Bonehead Productions) to be released on cult cassette tape and they asked von frost to do it.... I am a fan so damn right I agreed. So a deal was stuck with the mighty IBP and it's now official, No set release date yet but it will be early 2018.
March into the war torn battlefield with these Finnish soldiers of Hellish Black/Death Metal.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Vhorthax - Nether Darkness pro tape

von frost records & Devil Cult Ritualism sets February 1st, 2018 as the release date for the striking debut EP of Vhorthax, Nether Darkness, on pro cassette tape. 175 copies world wide. 

Hailing from Russia, Vhorthax was formed by members of the band Abyssfire - Morkh (voices & psalms - also Sickrites and Serpentrance), Nicholas-N.A.-I.I. (drums), and M.P. (guitars & bass) - in 2016 during a night of black candle mass meditations in their rehearsal bunker. There's no other goal but the channeling of primitive and cavernous chants of the Devil in the rough form of morbid BLACK/DEATH echoing with the sounds of the altars of worship. After several gigs, Vhorthax locked themselves in the bunker and crafted the four foul songs branded as Nether Darkness.
Now book ended by a suitably haunting intro and outro, Nether Darkness indeed evokes its title: a plunge into the deepest, darkest recesses of the eternal abyss. Muscular yet atmospheric and traveling across all sorts of diabolical terrain, Vhorthax craft a sound that's both patient and potent, simmering with sinister energies before winding up and into a fiery fury. Moments of ritualism become full conflagrations, and the slipstreaming momentum becomes too much to bare. Truly, this is Nether Darkness, and Vhorthax are leading the way downward with torch in hand.

Have a listen;


Monday, October 9, 2017


I received news from Roy Grimreaper that a New Confrontation ep is almost ready... and yes yours truly will release a pro tape version only! I am very excited about this news and very proud to once again unleash this slow crushing war machine. There will be a Ritual Killer Edition of only 25 copies , they band will have 15 of those. Total tapes will be only 100 copies. This will be a monster Death/Doom ep... CONFRONTATION crushes all in it's path.
Prepare for another mechanized Death/Doom assault in 2018.