Saturday, April 22, 2017

PRE - ORDERS von frost records NecroE VOMIT SACCAGE RUIN Goatholocaust

Hails folks, Please check out some pro tape release from von frost records. I'm a dedicated fan of underground music, and put everything i can into this.

coming in May & June, all are pro manufactured cassette tapes.

PRE-ORDER - RUIN - drown in Blood cassette tape Brand new album (Brand new album! putrid old school serial killing death metal. Amazing sick and twisted art work, 4-pannel full color jcard, pro pad printed cassette shell, dubbed in real time for best sound quality. Limited 300 copies brought to you by Nero One Records & von frost records alliance. One of the best Death Metal albums in 2017.)

PRE-ORDER - SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE pro tape (brand new album from these ripping MotörDeathcrust speed demons from Québec, Canada.
Pro cassette tape / printed shell, 2-pannel dbl sided card stock jcard , printed poster/lyric sheet. limited 125 copies)

PRE-ORDER - Goatholocaust - Satan Jugend LP (Renowned totalitaristic perversion, Vinyl edition comes with a brand new cover illustration by Sickness 666. The reputed original Christophe Moyen cover illutration will also feature on the vinyl insert. Layout/design : Lord GENOCIDE. Total limited edition 300 copies, all black vinyl with insert. also available and only 20 copies RKE w/ amazing Chris Moyen back patch.)

PRE-ORDER - VOMIT - Desecration demo I (N.America version) (Old school Death thrash maniacs VOMIT unleash utter primitive old school Death thrash.Pro cassette tape w/ printed black ink on Ivory white shell, thick textured paper jcard to keep it old looking limited 100 copies.)

PRE-ORDER - Necro-E - Assemblage of emanated embryo (Two versions) pro tape (Obscure
Ugly putrid Japanese Death Metal demo reissue from 1991.
Two mandatory & collectable pro tape versions.The first with amazing brand new Mark Riddik art/layout, yellow mustard shell & cases limited 69 copies and the 2nd version limited 31 copies with the original art work & black shell w/ white case. pad print & high quality jcards. WORSHIP PUTRID DOOM DEATH METAL.)

Also available right now -
Insömniax - misanthropunk pro tape (Anti-social hate crusty thrash metal with a lot of death and black metal elements in it from the old school only. (Motörhead, Venom, Warfare, Discharge, Swedish hardcore punk)

Alienate Damnation - Le Chantre du Chamnier w/ O-card sleeve (Total Blitzkrieg Black Metal violence)

Acid Cross / Sardu - Metalpunx from Beyond split tape (Canada's own filthy punk as fuck metal!)

Nuclearhammer – Obliteration Ritual pro tape (One of the Best black/death albums , total annihilation)

Thaumiel - Ainward pro tape ("Black metal influenced by both tradition and the innovative spirit of the Nightside")

VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a – LP new Full Length Album color & black vinyl Amazing black metal


MACABRA the Bone CD/Cards MACABRA deliver eight new songs that reek of early 90s death metal without compromising originality. one of the best Death Metal albums of 2016

Please support underground music and buy.

Have a listen here;

Thank you all for the support these last couple of years.

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