Saturday, March 25, 2017


Second full length by the Québecois horde SACCAGE.
CD will be release by PRC MUSIC, tape by VON FROST RECORD in late June 2017. LP will be release by TORTURE GARDEN PICTURE COMPANY late Summer 2017.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Goatholocaust - Satan Jugend LP out in June

June 2017 Nero One Records in league with von frost records will bring you Goatholocaust - Satan Jugend LP. ("Jugend" = "Youth" in German)
Originally released in 2006 on CD format by Infernus Rex. Then release on cult pro tape by von frost records in 2015.
Now finally from Nero One Records / von frost records Goatholocaust - Satan Jugend will be released for the first time on Vinyl! All copies will be Classic black vinyl with insert, Brand new Totalitaristic art work by sickness666, insert art will be the classic Chris Moyen art work same as the tape / cd cover. Amazing lay out by Lord Genocide himself. There will be a very limited edition RKE with a back patch (Chris Moyen) art. I mean very limited to 20 copies. I may put these up for pre-order in a couple of weeks.
Worship Satan & perversion ...

PRE - ORDER NOW!!! shipping in June 2017.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Oldskull ‎– Oldskull Of Death pro tape

Fall 2017 from von frost records.
Oldskull ‎– Oldskull Of Death pro tape w/ exclusive bonus tracks. Amazing Death metal band from Thailand, limited to only 100 copies Worship the fucking DEATH!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The rest of 2017 von frost records

What lies ahead for von frost records in 2017. In not particular order and no official release dates, They get released as I have the money.

vfr2017 -----
Nuclearhammer – Obliteration Ritual ltd 125 copies w/ 50 RKE with poster/sticker pro tape
Acid Cross / Sardu -split pro tape
Vociferian - Exxakschionnistik warmagedden Xzul pro tape RKE w/poster , total 125
Isomniax - misanthropunk pro tape HATE!
Cvltist - demo II pro tape
Necro-E - Assemblage of emanated embryo pro tape two versions.
Saccage - RÉCIDIVE pro tape
Alienate Damnation - Le Chantre du Chamnier pro tape
Hate Manifesto - pro tape
Goatholocaust - satan jugen LP (vfr/ Nero one records) 2017
Morgue supplier - lp (Neron one / vfr) 
Ruin - Drowned in Blood (vfr/nero one records)
Vociferian - Icon edge CD digipack (vfr/ DTPP) The one and ONLY cd release i'll be doing.
Vomit - demo I pro tape
Vhorthax -  pro tape
Deiphago - Satanik Eon ltd 100 copies w/ 50 RKE with metal inverted cross pendent pro tape
Lotus Of Darkness -The Naga Disguised As A Human pro tape

Vomit - Desecration demo I

Old school Death thrash maniacs Vomit  - Desecration demo 1 will see a N. America version pro tape release. \m/ late 2017.
* utter primitive old school Death thrash *