Monday, February 27, 2017

Shambles - Realm of Darkness Shrine LP (Nero One Records)

Shambles - Realm of Darkness Shrine LP (Nero One Records)

"From darkness and the pure unholy stench of old school doom/death metal, Shambles was formed in 1997 in Samutprakarn, Thailand. Forged by the dismal and sparse sound of Disembowelment and mixed with the barbaric death noise of Incantation and Autopsy, SHAMBLES will slaughter and annihilate all in sight and torture the ears with terror."

Insömniax - isanthropunk pro tape

Insömniax play Anti-social hate crusty thrash metal with a lot of death and black metal elements in it from the old school only. (Motörhead, Venom, Warfare, Discharge, Swedish hardcore punk) and of course a worship of raw punk while still staying true to the metal roots.
2nd full length pro tape on von frost records....

Friday, February 17, 2017

ON SALE NOW! Thaumiel - Ainward pro tape

"Thaumiel was formed in the Autumn of 2013 , answering a call to war from the Master Himself.
Baptized in blood and divine rage, Thaumiel is a musical covenant that was
formed with the sole purpose of weaponizing both music and musician in the war against the Cosmos!"


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vociferian ‎– Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul pro tape coming soon

Vociferian ‎– Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul
Another favorite vociferian album of mine will see a pro - tape reissue. All new art / layout by the man himself Adrien Weber, also a sick old school logo by Christelle Weber Bourdoux
This is black metal as it should be.

Funeral Whore – Phantasm Coffin box set pro tape (pre-order)


Funeral Whore – Phantasm Coffin box set pro tape

Classic Old school Death Metal built on a concept of darkness and evil..

von frost records is extremely proud to release this ultra limited edition of Funeral Whores latest album Phantasm.

Strictly limited Coffin shaped Custom hand crafted box. Only 25 copies and only 15 in N. America.

This limited special edition will come with a pro cassette tape of the album with two exclusive bonus tracks, A band logo wrist band, stickers, button, woven patch & booklet. All found inside this amazing Coffin.

Fans of the band and old style death metal will not want to miss out.

This is a pre order and will ship late March or early April.