Sunday, January 29, 2017

Necro-E - demo II reissue coming soon

I am so excited, I just have to share this sneak peak of the brand new art for the re-issue of demo II by Necro-E.
I am Utterly Speechless from the amazing job done by none other than Mark Riddick. for all fans of primitive gutter spewed death doom will not want to miss out on this reissue from 1991. von frost records

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

coming in Feb. Thaumiel - Ainward pro tape

"Black metal influenced by both tradition and the innovative spirit of the Nightside"

"Thaumiel was formed in the Autumn of 2013 , answering a call to war from the Master Himself.
Baptized in blood and divine rage, Thaumiel is a musical covenant that was
formed with the sole purpose of weaponizing both music and musician in the war against the Cosmos!"

Thaumiel - Ainward Pro - tape in March.

BUY NOW! Cult Of Eibon - Fullmoon Invocation pro cassette tape

Ok maniacs, for fans of classic Greek black metal von frost records has inked a deal in blood with Cult Of Eibon to release the reissue of Cult Of Eibon - Fullmoon Invocation ep on ancient pro cassette tape.
Limited 100 copies.



BUY NOW! Goatpreacher - Chaos Sabbath tape w/ Patch

Out now from A Death To Peace Production & Von Frost Records.
Goatpreacher - Chaos Sabbath pro tape with patch limited 100 copies.
"Goatpreacher is a goat black metal formation , taking their chronology in spring 2014.The concept of band carrying the black stench of War, Armageddon and Goat Terror. This formation has the spirit of old-school black / death metal , identifies as their teachers such masters of the genre as Archgoat, Beherit, Proclamation, Von and so on."



BUY NOW! LÜGER - Lügersnacht Faktion Tyrane pro tape

2nd full length album coming reissue all new art work on Ancient cassette tape format.
Brutal like "kill worship die" But a tad heavier. Fucking nasty disgusting black/death from Europe.
" L'Homme-Orchestre Macabre "...
is how I would entitle this relentless illustration, which is the perfect representation of what being a "one man black metal band" deals about in my personal vision. So grateful that the so talented artist that is Jenglot Hitam, has been able to make a real excellence of this inspiration!
Limited 80 copies, high quality thick card stock jcard, killer looking shell print and violent , violent music.



Cvltist - demo II coming soon

2nd demo coming this summer ...check out the killer new art work.
von frost records will release the pro tape, the band is in search for a label to release this on vinyl.

Funeral Whore - Phantasm pro cassette tape coffin box set

Going up for pre-order end of the week. vfr21 Funeral Whore - Phantasm pro cassette tape coffin box set. with some amazing Extra's, Strictly limited to only 25 copies. D.I.Y. Custom made coffin box, fw logo wrist band, sticker, patch, buttons, lyric booklet, two bonus tracks... this fucker is a must own.
Old school death metal at it's best.

keep an eye out here -

Regular edition on sale NOW! Hellacaust / saccage - split pro cassette

support the underground spirit and buy. Two amazing Canadian bands that totally destroy, ripping the flesh from your ugly mug.
  labels get in touch for trades.

RKE w/ 4"x4" patch , white shell pre-order -

Necro-E demo reissue

Obscure Lo-Fi putrid Necro death doom from Japan 1991. This demo will be resurrected from the deep tomb of decaying death.
New killer pro tape reissue from von frost records in 2017, with brand new art by Mark Riddick. there will also be a very limited run with the original artwork,
Thank you Takashi Tanaka from the Mighty Anatomia for working with myself and Naoten Fujiwara to make this happen.
More info later on this sickness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Acid Cross / Sardu split pro tape

Filthy blackened thrash metal punk.  coming this spring fuckers.

black blood invocation - black blood invocation pro tape

From the bottomless pits of hell march towards earth’s crust to spread satanic propaganda … Black Blood Invocation were formed by the master minds of goat synagogue and Cult Of Eibon.  For fans of bands such as VON, archgoat, demoncy, teitanblood , beherit ,etc  Total war from Greece.

Nuclearhammer - Obliteration Ritual pro cassette tape

Pure annihilation, darkness & war. von frost records is very proud to be reissuing Nuclearhammer's Obliteration Ritual album on ancient cassette tape. Obliteration Ritual is one of my all time favorite black/death war metal albums, reeks of suffocating Nuclear horror atmosphere , sick pounding war drums , guitar and vocal attacks. this album deserves to be in the top with the likes of Archgoat, Blasphemy, Beherit , Teitanblood, von etc...
Keep an eye out this spring.