Monday, August 7, 2017

SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE pro tape brand new album

Don't sleep on this monster album.
SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE brand new album from these ripping Satanic MotörDeathcrust speed demons from Québec, Canada.
Total onslaught speed & heaviness, This album is fucking vicious!
Pro cassette tape mastered for vinyl by Joel Grind / printed shell, dbl sided jcard , printed poster/lyric sheet. limited 125 copies.

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WULFSKOL I am the Devil's Blood

ON SALE NOW! Lotus Of Darkness - The Naga Disguised As A Human tape

On sale now!
Lotus Of Darkness upcoming full-length album "The Naga Disguised As A Human" pro- cassette w/ fold out dbl sided jcard , Amazing Artwork By BBKill limited to 100 copies.
Mystic Epic yet raw Siamese Black Metal , three tracks clocking in at just over 50 minutes. from Members of the mighty Death/Doom act SHAMBLES.

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Cvltist - demo II pro tape early winter

The next half of 2017 will be TOTAL WAR!
All out blackened war for the next half of 2017. von frost released the first demo by Cult act from Spain Cvltist so naturally vfr will release the 2nd demo of pure cult black metal attack from the cosmos with a little von & Impaled Nazarene influence in the sound.
Pro tape coming early winter.

ON SALE NOW! Praeternigma - Demo MXVI tape

POISON MIST PROPAGANDA / von frost records alliance bring forth the Mysterious dark black death metal of Praeternigma.
Pro tape with fold out jcard.

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Wargrinder - In Suicidal Triumph pro cassette tape

Total annihilation power and brutality .... savage grinding war metal. Pro cassette tape this Fall. jcards are at the printers & tape is sent to the manufacturer.

Look for it SEPT 13th. 


OLD SCHOOL METAL OF DEATH! Crawling from the rotting tomb this Sept on pro tape limited 100 copies.
Look for it SEPT 13th. 

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have a listen to all the bands here

Wülfskol - Hellshock on pro cassette tape

I am very excited and proud to bring you Wülfskol - Hellshock on pro cassette tape this fall Oct. 31
This Halloween! pro-cassette w/ alt. art and bonus track exclusive for the von frost release. Kick ass blackened Horror thrash/punk from the USA. It was hard to choose a sample track for you folks to check out, every song on the album is damn good. Be sure to keep an eye out this HALLOWEEN for the howls of Wülfskol !

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Liturgy of Desecration - and the Goat of Sodomy Command tape

Liturgy of Desecration - and the Goat of Sodomy Command tape

Liturgy of Desecration are a Bestial war metal death machine *Inspired* by bands like Blasphemy, Black Witchery , beherit, archgoat, sadomator etc..) The very first assault released on pro tape by von frost records.LIMITED 125 copies with lyric sheet.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017



New self titled full length LP by Chicago Death Grinding maniacs MORGUE SUPPLIER. Until then, crush your brain with this relentless assault of madness. This soon to be classic will unleashed in conspiracy with the mighty Nero One Records.



Vociferian ‎– Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul reissue

The Lord Genocide von frost records alliance is strong.
Coming this fall, Vociferian ‎– Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul reissue on ancient pro tape. Harsh , primitive , raw Black Metal... this is how black metal should sound. ugly! One of my favorite releases by the band.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death tape w/ O-sleeve


Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death tape w/ O-sleeve

barbaric black death war metal

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Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hails folks, I figure it is time for a little update for what's to come in the next half of 2017 from von frost records. A lot of great stuff in the works form some of the best bands in the underground today.

In June;

RUIN - drown in Blood cassette tape Brand new album (Brand new album! putrid old school serial killing death metal. Amazing sick and twisted art work, 4-pannel full color jcard, pro pad printed cassette shell, dubbed in real time for best sound quality. Limited 300 copies brought to you by Nero One Records & von frost records alliance. One of the best Death Metal albums in 2017.)

SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE pro tape (brand new album from these ripping Satanic MotörDeathcrust speed demons from Québec, Canada.
Pro cassette tape / printed shell, 2-pannel dbl sided card stock jcard , printed poster/lyric sheet. limited 125 copies) 

Morgue supplier - s/t  LP very excited about this Morgue Supplier / Nero One Records / von frost records alliance. The test press sounds amazing, the jackets will be sick. It's been a long time since i've gotten behind a grind album/band but MS kicked in my teeth. fuck all the "big" label stuff MS destroy them all.(Nero one/von frost)  sick twisted Death/grind) (June)

Deiphago - Satanik Eon ltd 100 copies w/ 50 RKE with metal inverted cross pendent pro (July) Reg. version in June. You already know this insanity so no fucking description needed.

hate manifesto - TO THOSE WHO GLORIFIED DEATH pro tape / with outer sleeve. -PRIMORDIAL BARBARIC WRATH- Black Blood Invocation/Cult of Eibon & Wargrinder members. not to be missed. 

Next 6 months... leading into 2018....

Praeternigma - demo (vfr / Poison Mist Propaganda)Amazing Black Death from the cosmos)
Liturgy of Desecration - and the Goat of Sodomy Commands Archgoat worshiping black metal
Oldskull - demo pro  tape Amazing old school death metal from Asia for fans of shambles
 lotus of darkness - pro tape black metal from members of Shambles (Epic Black Metal)
Vociferian - Icon edge 7" (vfr/ Maleficarum Records) RKE with poster limited 200 copies
Vociferian - Exxakschionnistik warmagedden Xzul pro tape RKE w/poster , total 125
Orchrist - new album pro tape Pure cold black metal
Cvltist - demo II pro tape Black metal with a slight VON & sci fi influence
wargrinder - suicidal triumph  tape total war!
Soulrot - pro tape amazing old school SweDeath
Vhorthax - pro tape Black Death from Russia
Spoils of War pro tape nasty Crust/thrash Brazil/Canada 
Godslaying Hellblast - Sarinvomit - split tape
Nuclearhammer - comp. pro tape One of the best Blackened Death bands out there
Skid Raid - pro tape sick raw metal punk crust
Acid Cross - new pro tape dirty black/thrtash attack from Canada
ritual warfare - new pro tape (raw violent crust from Canada)
Vomit - new
Isomniax - new album filthy metal crust attack
speedboozer - new album ripping motorcrust
wargrinder - Tank tread doctrine 


Goatholocaust - Satan Jugend LP (Renowned totalitaristic perversion, Vinyl edition comes with a brand new cover illustration by Sickness 666. The reputed original Christophe Moyen cover illutration will also feature on the vinyl insert. Layout/design : Lord GENOCIDE. Total limited edition 300 copies, all black vinyl with insert. also available and only 20 copies RKE w/ amazing Chris Moyen back patch.) 

VOMIT - Desecration demo I (N.America version) (Old school Death thrash maniacs VOMIT unleash utter primitive old school Death thrash.Pro cassette tape w/ printed black ink on Ivory white shell, thick textured paper jcard to keep it old looking limited 100 copies.)

Necro-E - Assemblage of emanated embryo (Two versions) pro tape 
Obscure Ugly putrid Japanese Death Metal demo reissue from 1991.
Two mandatory & collectable pro tape versions.The first with amazing brand new Mark Riddik art/layout, yellow mustard shell & cases limited 69 copies and the 2nd version limited 31 copies with the original art work & black shell w/ white case. pad print & high quality jcards. WORSHIP PUTRID DOOM DEATH METAL.)

Insömniax - misanthropunk pro tape (Anti-social hate crusty thrash metal with a lot of death and black metal elements in it from the old school only. (Motörhead, Venom, Warfare, Discharge, Swedish hardcore punk)

Alienate Damnation - Le Chantre du Chamnier w/ O-card sleeve (Total Blitzkrieg Black Metal violence)

Acid Cross / Sardu - Metalpunx from Beyond split tape (Canada's own filthy punk as fuck metal!)

Nuclearhammer – Obliteration Ritual pro tape (One of the Best black/death albums , total annihilation)  (only a few left)

Thaumiel - Ainward pro tape ("Black metal influenced by both tradition and the innovative spirit of the Nightside")

VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a – LP new Full Length Album color & black vinyl Amazing black metal


MACABRA the Bone CD/Cards MACABRA deliver eight new songs that reek of early 90s death metal without compromising originality. one of the best Death Metal albums of 2016. (only a few left)