Monday, May 23, 2016

vfr news

vonfrostrecords NEWS!

vonfrostrecords will continue as a pro cassette tape label only! With the exception of vinyl I have planned with Lord Genocide, all other vinyl I had planned is canceled. witch was only a couple anyway.
I apologize to the few bands that had planned vinyl with me but the cost of pressing, shipping, lack of sales, even lack of trades. I seem to do best with sales and trades with my pro tapes. People take a chance in buying tapes because they are cheap and cheap to ship, unlike vinyl.
I have One CD by the amazing Ebauche Noire that is due out Winter 2018. But after that CD release I have no interest in releasing CDs.
I hope in the future vonfrostrecords will be back with more vinyl releases but for now it's CASSETTE TAPE ONLY label.

Updated releases  2016/2017
Vfr07 – vociferian – spiritual intoxication 7” (winter 2017)
vfr16 - Ebauche Noire - pochoir De Cendre CD digipack RKE w/ T shirt (winter 2017)**
vfr17 - icecore - fait share of neglect pro tape limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr18 - VOCIFERIAN - BEREDSAMKEIT pro tape limited 100 copies (OCT 1)
vfr18.5 - Vociferian – - ? d ? ? a - cassette (OCT 1)
vfr19 - goatpreacher pro tape (split release with Death to peace prod) limited 100 copies w/ patch (NOV/DEC)
vfr20 - Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend reg classic black & RKE pic disc LP (winter 2017)
vfr21 - Funeral Whore - Phantasm pro cassette tape RKE in coffin box. TOTAL limited 25 COPIES! (Jan 2017)
vfr22 - Hellacaust / saccage - split pro cassette limited 100 copies (Winter 2016/2017)
vfr23 - Cult of Eibon - Fullmoon Invocation (Dec 31st)
vfr24 - Spew, Sadistic Ritual ,Thrashtorno - split Tape (no date) limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - Cvltist - demo II limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - RUINED - pro tape limited 100 (doom metal) (No date yet)
vfr - Thaumiel pro tape (no date yet) limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - carcass toss / raw violence split 10" (vfr/ no sancuray records) (No date yet)
vfr - Plebeian - tape (Doom Metal) (No date yet)
vfr - RUIN - pro tape (split release w/ Nero One Records) (No date yet)
vfr - icecore - fait share of neglect 12" (no date yet)

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