Monday, May 23, 2016

É B A U C H E N O I R E - Pochoir De Cendre CD digipack coming this Fall ....

coming early 2018 from  vonfrostrecords;
I hope to have this CD released in the early winter 2017 Perfect weather and feeling for some truly emotional Black Metal.
= É B A U C H E N O I R E =
- The Sun And The Moon Forever Rise -
From "Pochoir De Cendre" Full Length Album. Out on Digipack via VON FROST RECORDS soon
The 1st lengthy atmospheric opening track of this opus. Which most melodies & hymns have been composed under the spiritual upheaval that represented the waiting of our daughter [Zélie]... an initiatic journey to very introspective quests of "revelation" and purity...A work so deep by its intimacy.
-- I love this album and listen to it over and over, Very proud to be releasing this on CD digipack and the RKE will come with an amazing T shirt printed by Pete of Vault Of Dried Bones

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