Monday, May 23, 2016

MACABRA - ...To The Bone brand new album CD/pro tape in July

MACABRA - NEW ALBUM: "...To The Bone"
CD Special Edition is READY!!
We're only waiting for the classic [jewel case] version & the pro-cassette copies to arrive o unleash this slab of "REAL" Death Metal very soon!! OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE is scheduled for the 1st of JULY!!
The Vinyl LP Issue of this 2nd full length will be follow later this year on Apocalyptic Empire Records [Norway]
Listen to one exclusive track from the opus here:

É B A U C H E N O I R E - Pochoir De Cendre CD digipack coming this Fall ....

coming early 2018 from  vonfrostrecords;
I hope to have this CD released in the early winter 2017 Perfect weather and feeling for some truly emotional Black Metal.
= É B A U C H E N O I R E =
- The Sun And The Moon Forever Rise -
From "Pochoir De Cendre" Full Length Album. Out on Digipack via VON FROST RECORDS soon
The 1st lengthy atmospheric opening track of this opus. Which most melodies & hymns have been composed under the spiritual upheaval that represented the waiting of our daughter [Zélie]... an initiatic journey to very introspective quests of "revelation" and purity...A work so deep by its intimacy.
-- I love this album and listen to it over and over, Very proud to be releasing this on CD digipack and the RKE will come with an amazing T shirt printed by Pete of Vault Of Dried Bones

vfr news

vonfrostrecords NEWS!

vonfrostrecords will continue as a pro cassette tape label only! With the exception of vinyl I have planned with Lord Genocide, all other vinyl I had planned is canceled. witch was only a couple anyway.
I apologize to the few bands that had planned vinyl with me but the cost of pressing, shipping, lack of sales, even lack of trades. I seem to do best with sales and trades with my pro tapes. People take a chance in buying tapes because they are cheap and cheap to ship, unlike vinyl.
I have One CD by the amazing Ebauche Noire that is due out Winter 2018. But after that CD release I have no interest in releasing CDs.
I hope in the future vonfrostrecords will be back with more vinyl releases but for now it's CASSETTE TAPE ONLY label.

Updated releases  2016/2017
Vfr07 – vociferian – spiritual intoxication 7” (winter 2017)
vfr16 - Ebauche Noire - pochoir De Cendre CD digipack RKE w/ T shirt (winter 2017)**
vfr17 - icecore - fait share of neglect pro tape limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr18 - VOCIFERIAN - BEREDSAMKEIT pro tape limited 100 copies (OCT 1)
vfr18.5 - Vociferian – - ? d ? ? a - cassette (OCT 1)
vfr19 - goatpreacher pro tape (split release with Death to peace prod) limited 100 copies w/ patch (NOV/DEC)
vfr20 - Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend reg classic black & RKE pic disc LP (winter 2017)
vfr21 - Funeral Whore - Phantasm pro cassette tape RKE in coffin box. TOTAL limited 25 COPIES! (Jan 2017)
vfr22 - Hellacaust / saccage - split pro cassette limited 100 copies (Winter 2016/2017)
vfr23 - Cult of Eibon - Fullmoon Invocation (Dec 31st)
vfr24 - Spew, Sadistic Ritual ,Thrashtorno - split Tape (no date) limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - Cvltist - demo II limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - RUINED - pro tape limited 100 (doom metal) (No date yet)
vfr - Thaumiel pro tape (no date yet) limited 100 copies (No date yet)
vfr - carcass toss / raw violence split 10" (vfr/ no sancuray records) (No date yet)
vfr - Plebeian - tape (Doom Metal) (No date yet)
vfr - RUIN - pro tape (split release w/ Nero One Records) (No date yet)
vfr - icecore - fait share of neglect 12" (no date yet)