Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vonfrostrecords release update for 2016.

Vonfrostrecords release update for 2016.

FEB 2016 - Orcrist - catacomb pro tape, Cold, Pure, Satanic and Old School Black Metal from Italy. Limited 166 copies.

FEB 2016 - Raw Violence - going to hell pro tape. Brutal crust war from Canada. (Hellacaust & Thaumiel members) Limited 80 copies, First 40 tapes w/ sticker.

Out now! Paganfire - ang suspupil! kikitil! pro tape Killer Blackened Thrash Attack from the Philippines. pro cassette tape limited 80 copies Total. RKE limited 40 w/ Patch & sticker

Out now! CRYPT OF SILENCE - BEYOND SHADES pro tape (old school -1990s- doom death metal, very classic sounding w/ feeling and emotion from the Ukraine)

Out now!  - Confrontation - Aggregat 4 pro-cassette tape RITUAL KILLER EDITION. Brand new album from these Dutch Mechanized Death Doomsters. Ritual killer edition limited to 36 hand numbered copies, WW II 20mm shell casing, sticker, patch, lyric & info cards.

Out Now! - Conjüratör ‎– Erosplattered 10" RITUAL KILLER EDITION Gold vinyl & Reg Classic Black vinyl. RITUAL KILLER EDITION. limited 36 units, high quality metal belt buckle
,10"x20" poster,sticker,button,Gold Foil stamped gatefold jacket, Gold vinyl w/ black splatter

MARCH 2016 - VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a – Brand new Full Length Album, limited 100 RKE color vinyl & 150 reg. classic black,fold out poster , deluxe gatefold lp silver/mirror shiny ink foil stamp on black layout, high quality metallic cut logo shape metallic badges/pins...Patch & sticker. (total 250 copies)

MARCH 2016 - Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die 12" 10 year anniversary re-issue. limited total 250 copies 100 marbled color vinyl, insert, 50 copies with luger flag, sticker & insert , 150 classic black vinyl w/ insert & logo button

This Spring – Macabra – to the bone brand new Lp with sick art by Dan Seagrave .
vonfrostrecotrds in conspiracy with Mark Riddick Morbid Visions Music. It will be high quality & amazing package, like all of Mark’s & vfr releases \M/
"The new MACABRA album maintains a familiar old school feeling but has also introduced a few new elements which make it a bit avant garde, unique, and unlike most of the old school resurgence death metal on the market today. I think album is quite consistent throughout with each track having its own defining moments. I'm very proud of the variety and creativity Adrien brought this time with his aggressive vocal delivery."
Mark Riddick [about MACABRA "...To The Bone" coming full length album]

Summer/fall 2016 & Early 2017 releases

Thaumiel - pro tape
Vociferian - Spiritual Intoxication 7”
Ebauche Noire – pochoir De Cendre CD digipack
Vociferian – Beredsamkeit LP reissue with all new art work!
Goatholocaust – Satan Jugen lp reissue with all new art work
Vociferian – Possezed Worshiperz Ov Doom gatefold dbl LP

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