Thursday, December 31, 2015

VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a - brand new LP

AT THE PLANT NOW! (March/April 2016)
UNVEILING the VOCIFERIAN Cover/Artwork for
- ɔ d ɔ ʀ a - Coming Full Length Album
Deluxe Gatefold LP
Out in early 2016 on VON FROST RECORDS [Canada]

A half of the entire material will be listenable and also freely available for download [during 5 days only] on February 2016 via the Official Vociferian Bandcamp:
- All the gatefold jacket being illustrated by visuals emanating from my own hands [Adrien GENOCIDE// Weber]
- Gatefold LP "Mock up" design courtesy by Mr Justin Stubbs who also worked the entire layout display of this very particular opus… That will be shiny/silver foil stamp printed all over upon pure black
limited 100 RKE frost/ice
color vinyl
12" x 24" fold out poster
gatefold lp silver/mirror shiny ink foil stamp on black layout
high quality metallic cut logo shape metallic badges/pins...
woven Patch & sticker
(total 250 copies)

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