Saturday, November 28, 2015

Conjüratör - Erosplattered 10" RKE / KE / REG

Conjüratör - Erosplattered 10"
After 6 pro cassette tapes here is the first vinyl release on Von Frost Records [Canada].
Deluxe Gatefold MLP & limited versions, coming with high quality goodies (including metallic logo band belt buckle).
Pirates press Record of the week!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

vonfrostrecords release update for 2016/2017

Hails folks,
Just a little update on vonfrostrecords release dates.

DEC 1ST (on sale now) 2015 - VFR02 - CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered – 10” (OUT DEC. 2015) Nasty perverted black metal, Fucking amazing and amazing vinyl package.

DEC 1st Vfr10 - Carcass toss – pro cassette Primitive Hellhammerish blackened D-beat (SOLD OUT)

DEC 2015- vfr11 - Confrontation - Aggregat 4 reg version on sale now!  NEW album pro-cassette tape
RKE w/ 20mm dug up wwII shell casing, sticker, patch. The 1st 16 ina  home made Panzer tin can. the best death/doom metal you will ever hear. (RITUAL KILLER in JAN 2016)

JAN 2016 - vfr12 - CRYPT OF SILENCE - BEYOND SHADESpro tape 2016 (old school doom death metal, very classic sounding w/ feeling and emotion)

Feb - Vfr09 – Paganfire - demo (2016) Killer Black/thrash Attack! first 50 w/ patch & sticker

March/April 2016 - VFR04 - Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die LP reissue w/ killer Luger flag, button, sticker. Total Nasty black war & destruction, all new art work.

March/April 2016 - VFR05 – Vociferian – new LP deluxe gatefold with silver foil stamp cover. back patch,button, sticker and Metallic Pin. This Will be one of the best BM albums of 2016

March/April 2016 - Vfr07 – vociferian – spiritual intoxication 7” limited 100, first 50 w/ 14" x 14" poster, color vinyl

Other stuff in the works;
Orcrist - pro tape Old time Black Metal (2016)
Raw Violence - pro  tape total crust violence (2016)

Thaumiel – pro cassette  (band/label split)
sickrites 7" (2016)
Ebauche Noire - Pochoir De Cendre CD digipack
Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend LP (reissue all new art work!, late 2016)
Vociferian – Beredsamkeit LP (reissue with all new art work, late 2016 early 2017)
Lustravi - dbl LP (late 2016 or early 2017)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Carcass Toss - demo I pro cassette tape out in DEC!

Track from the upcoming pro cassette tape by Carcass Toss on vonfrostrecords. Killer Primitive blackened d-beat Punk with a little Hellhammer on speed in the mix. Pro tape out in Dec only 70 copies.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confrontation - Aggregat 4 Full length album promo 2015

Killer new album coming soon on pro cassette. Limited edition hand numbered RITUAL KILLER EDITION in a custom made tin can. Also a KILLER EDITION and reg edition. Total tapes will be 133.