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VOCIFERIAN - Latest Interview [for Bitter Harvest Magazine]

VOCIFERIAN - Latest Interview [for Bitter Harvest Magazine]
(Despite of my recent decision to refuse most of proposed interviews/ as I gave my "green" for this one for some months ago now...)
Cosecha Amarga
Here comes my first question: Your latest release Iscariot Gospel is a monumental piece of Black Metal. 19 songs all total, clocking in at 59 minutes and 53 seconds-it is truly an impressive release. Now I noticed that you hadn't done a release since 2009. Was there a particular reason for long years of silence in between releases?
Iscariot Gospel, is a piece compiling all the band's past bestialest ep's. It's a real blasphemic unholy bible for sure. Very representative about what the band ever used to be dealing with... "Obey Profanatory Forces"
Since 2009 I've been involved, as I already did in the past, in several side-projects like the underground Death Metal of MACABRA which I've worked at with Mark Riddick. Also with some more personal, particular black metal endeavors:"ALIÉNANTE DAMNATION" & "ÉBAUCHE NOIRE".
All these important projects kept me pretty busy these years until I came back with Vociferian and that Digipack hellish pillar unleashing... Then I began working on a track to make an EP ready, so as to bring the beast back for real. And had time enough to focus on a grand and brand new opus, with enough of personality and conceptual interesting aspects than nowadays pathetic endlessly rehashed, tasteless and used up so called "true black metal codes"...
Vociferian is first of all never doing the same thing twice, and voluntarily appart from any pre-established confining schemes.
Cosecha Amarga
You mentioned that you never do the same things twice, and you always strive to break the boundaries of what some may refer to as "True Black Metal." What do you feel distinguishes this release from all of your previous works under "Volciferian"? What does Volciferian offer that other black metal outfits don't?
I have no pretention to bring something more or better than other bands do nowadays in the scene. But I'm simply aiming to vehiculate an aesthetism in music as in visual which offers a real aura... enough of the same reedited artillery and in the same time a kind of "fuck off" to conventional aspects of it all. Even like a fist in the face of so called "modern/post/shoegazing... black metal". I work out the music and feelings which I truly want to share, not something made to please the classic BM audience. That's well my intention in this brand new album. For example, I've worked all the artworks myself on this new opus. The front/cover artwork is representing my own apocalyptic vision of christian concept of "The Holy Spirit". I'm not afraid to give such approach in a scene that only see "real" through stubborn ideals of "pseudo-satanism" and so cold arrogance...
Yes the next Vociferian cover artworks is giving my own approach of a christian concept. And I don't give a f**k if people will like this or not. It's myself from the deep of my musical devoted soul... nothing more, nothing less.
The global concept of the full length is also very particular. As it has been inspired with my quite recent "sacrifice" about our world global self entertainement which is called "social networks". According to me, since I've decided to finally introduce my musical endeavors there, I've been able to see how vanity and "self self self self and again self" have been catalyzed here, via this medium that has become the only altar where people praise all their own self-faced totem...
Musically, the album has only 2 long tracks. It's still as raw as I've always wanted my music to sound like. It's also very progressive for a black metal act. I chose to have the roughest render and the driest sonorities. Because this opus well deals about the ideal of purification and self interrogative... introspective feelings and doubted certitudes, in which any peace or plenitude potentially could have ever existed.
I also chose to write the whole thing in french language. Because it truly serves the contrasting aspects in the antagonizing emanations of the 2 tracks titles, which are exactly to be pronounced the same way in my native language (the same as the album title itself)... but then meaning way different and opposing thoughts.
Cosecha Amarga
Other than the two track titles that you mention are there any other track on this release that speak to you personally, and/or that the listener should take special note of?
Do you have any spiritual/occult leanings that you communicate through you're music?
What is Vociferian working on now?
These two tracks ARE the sustenance and inner emanation composing the alpha and the omega of this brand new full length. It was meant to be this way when I did prepare the conception of it. It's not a common piece with a usual tracklisting, but well a complete ceremony in both contrasting worlds serving the whole entity embedded in this new opus.
I always spread the voice of the lost elements through the speech of my introspective intentions, beliefs, aspirations and most of all in complete plenitude and agreement with the convictions that once gave birth to the Vociferian's soul creation. Of course, and it's already something answered in the name of the combo... that I'm here to deliver a message encrypted in everyone of us...
At the moment we are finishing conceiving the visual side of the deluxe gatefold LP vinyl that will come as a real jewelbox for the supreme fragrance that this album all deals about. The subtle perfume of purity... In opposition to the stench of death, lies of the slying and parasiting crawl...
Also working at many other bands which I'm involved into for a long time as well great and high quality reeditions. Pro-tapes, vinyls, CD Digipack... For example the Conjüratör "Erosplattered" material will come on a beautiful Gatefold LP 10' Vinyl reissue this coming december, amongst many other reissues planned in 2016... Lüger, Goatholocaust, Ébauche Noire, Vociferian...
Of course I always have new ideas in mind that will probably enforce in my spirit with time to start composing new essences for the next Vociferian's assaults.
Also since I've signed all these tapes, vinyls reissues and coming Vociferian on Von Frost Records [Canada]. I'm very satisfied with our collaboration for the highly involved, dedicated and passionated label it is. The owner of it being now more than the simple boss of a record shop or any usual label manager. This meeting has been quite providential for the future of my musical involvement and career.
Cosecha Amarga
Will Vociferian remain a solo project and mouthpiece for your own personal expression, or might there be some live incarnation with a chosen elite to communicate your message to a live audience?
It's a very recurrent question. And even if I'll never close the window, I'm still thinking that live shows most of the time can just destroy the atmosphere of a good recording. I've witnessed it many times. The deception of something turning out ridiculous on stage, while it sounded so bewitching listening at it all alone with your own way and direction to feel it. I think music is made for everyone to experience it on its own and with its proper developping emotions... shows most of the time bring you back in the flock... where I prefer music when it makes you feel unique and exceptional just giving it an attentive and deep listen.
No collaboration of that kind is planned for the moment. Time will tell...
Also, as a conclusion to this interview, I'd like to return to the source of what Vociferian will always be dealing about... these three words which I'm carrying on my shoulders for years now and that more than ever are making sense for the band and its supportive audience nowadays:


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