Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Out soon; ARCHAIC - Exclusive Pro-Tape Reissue

vfr006 - ARCHAIC - Exclusive Pro-Tape Reissue
My very personal 'Raw Funeral Doom' creation of the early 2000's will see its 2 demos reedited for the first time on a beautiful new packaging pro-tape cassette format. Soon on VON FROST RECORDS [Canada]!
Reserved to the DIEHARD EXTREME DOOMERS ONLY, or to those who missed the very first "Akelarre" demo tape issue and the CD compilation later.
"This compilation contains the 2 demos of this French band. Their style is Funeral Doom with primitive sound, slow tempo, distorted riffs, monotonous rhythm, dense atmosphere, cavernous grunts and some screaming growls. This material is only for extreme doomsters! Hard to find!"

OUT DEC 2015

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