Saturday, August 8, 2015

Label update; Assaults available now from vonfrostrecords and up coming releases.

Label update;
Assaults available now from vonfrostrecords;
-Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend pro cassette KILLER & RITUAL KILLER EDITIONS on sale now.
-Confrontation – Fieseler Fi 103
Pro cassette tape reg. & Killer edition. Sold out at vfr, but available from other labels/distros
-Vociferian tees, long sleeves, hoodies OUT NOW!
- I have only a couple Goatholocaust long sleeve shirts left.

Upcoming Assaults from VFR;
DEC 2015 - vfr002 Conjüratör – Erosplattered 10" reg & RITUAL KILLER editions nasty perverted blackened Hell.
OCT 2015 -Tetragrammacide Hoodies 

vfr005 -Vociferian brand new album! early 2016
vfr004 -Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die Fucking nasty! Not for trendy ears! mid 2016
-Ėbauche Noire 12" Amazing Black metal played with emotion. mid/late 2016
-Vociferian - 7" late 2016
-Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend LP version late 2016
-Thaumiel pro tape (vfr/band split) early 2016
vfr 003-Cvltist cassette Tape (Old school Black Metal, like the masters of the early 1990s) early 2016
-Carcass toss Tape (Total punkish Hellhammer Metal)
-paganfire tape (Total Black Thrash attack!)
-Lustravi 7" (Ceremonial Black Metal)
-Vociferian (album on tape) late 2016 or 2017

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