Friday, May 22, 2015

Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend Pro-Cassette Tape

VFR00 - Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend Cassette Tape

Three Unholy versions, Choose your disease.

Reg. edition 67 copies  w/ sticker
KILLER EDITION 66 copies w/ Patch and sticker 
RITUAL KILLER EDITION 33 copies hand numbered
with poster printed on card stock,Patch, signed band photo,
& 2x stickers

Total 166 copies pressed.

A little update on the Goatholocaust pro-tape. The tape is in production as I Type this, The art/ jcard layout is finished and approved by the band, and has been sent to the printers \m/. Thank you Graham and Adrien it looks amazing. Poster and post card for the RITUAL KILLER version is finished, waiting on the patches. 


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