Friday, May 22, 2015

CONFRONTATION - Fieseler Fi 103 pro- cassette tape

Coming In late July early AUG.
Total 166 Pro-Tapes, reg version with sticker and 33 DIEHARD with sticker, poster, postcard and we hope A WW2 .303 Canadian shell dug in the Reichswald forest.

VFR01 – Confrontation - Fieseler Fi 103 Cassette Tape

Limited edition 166 copies w/ sticker. Reg. version

Limited 33 DIEHARD hand numbered copies w/ poster, sticker, post card and a dug up WWII shell Casing.(we hope) 
4”x6” post card of front cover
8”x11” foldout band poster gloss poster paper
Ww2 shell casing
4”x2.5” logo sticker

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