Sunday, April 15, 2018


Samhain - On Earth As It Is In Hell -live + bonus tape
Misfits - Necronomicon tape -Live Hittsville Passaic, N.J. '81
Sorguinazia – Sorguinazia CD
Sorguinazia – Sorguinazia LP
Ostrogoth – Last Tribe Standing LP color
Warlord – The Hunt For Damien LP color
Sacrifice – Soldiers Of Misfortune LP
Sacrifice – Forward To Termination LP
Sacrifice – Torment In Fire LP
Shezmu – The Scent of War LP
*Death Yell – Descent Into Hell LP color
Bonehunter – Turn Up The Evil CD
Druid Lord – Grotesque Offerings CD
*Kerasphorus – Kerasphorus LP
Slaughtbbath – Contempt, War And Damnation CD
Communion – At The Announcement CD
Communion - The Communion CD
Hammr - Unholy Destruction CD
Hades Archer - Temple Of The Impure TAPE
*Crucified Mortals – Psalms Of The Dead Choir lp COLOR
*Cadaveric Incubator - Sermons of the Devouring Dead LP color
Horrified - Allure Of The Fallen TAPE
Horrified - Allure Of The Fallen LP COLOR
*Deathhammer - Evil Power LP COLOR
*Deathhammer - Phantom Knights LP COLOR

(*discogs listing only)

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RUIN - new album on pro tape ... late 2018

Now playing.... rough mix of the brand new RUIN album.
Pro tape of this ugly Metal of Death drenched in creepy atmosphere, deranged vocals that really are the key point of RUIN, the riffs and low end of destruction... RUIN are fucking perfect 100 % real DEATH METAL!. Again the pro tape will be released by NERO ONE RECORDS & vonfrostrecords.
This will be the most sickening death metal album of 2018/2019
Also you will see one of the best DEATH METAL splits by RUIN/MACABRA on pro tape from vonfrostrecords.

Coffin Curse - Inward Dissolution pro cassette

Coffin Curse - Inward Dissolution pro cassette
The Chilean underground music scene offers more than amazing Death/thrash. Coffin Curse play late 1980s early 1990s brand of death metal. They almost sound like the bastard child of POSSESSED & AUTOPSY with some doom riffs to top it all off. Two tracks clocking in at 15 minutes. Pro - tape limited 80 copies. Look for it in May.

Ensseminis - Relatos retorcidos pro tape

Ensseminis horde hail from Peru and play primitive death/grind that could have been found in the late 1980s early 1990s. vonfrostrecords will release their 5 track rehearsal demo on pro tape,limited to 80 copies.
 Worship the raw old school death metal sound.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Macabra / RUIN - split 7"

What do you get when you add these two bands with vonfrostrecords ? ... More info soon....
 Two of my all time favorite DEATH METAL bands together on one record.

Monday, March 5, 2018

ON SALE NOW!! Nuclearhammer - Frozen Misery LP (Remastered)

Nuclearhammer - Frozen Misery LP (Remastered)
Side A - Frozen Misery remastered 2016
Side B - unreleased / rehearsal tracks 2012 / 2011 w/ Hellhammer cover.
new Artwork by Krag (Paroxsihzem), The band considers this to be their 2nd Album (mlp) as do I.

44 Limited DIEHARD w/ T shirt , blue/white ice with red splatter vinyl, hand numbered art card, sticker, poster & insert.

56 Limited blue/white ice with red splatter vinyl, hand numbered art card, poster & insert.

200 Classic Black vinyl w/ Poster & insert.

All 300 will come with full color poster and insert. 44 T shirts are printed by Vault of Dried Bones.
One of Canada's Best! Black/death bands, so you will not want to miss out.
Shipping is $8.00 for United States Customers.

Please support and buy a copy;


Hellfire Deathcult - Death Worship 12"

Going to press this week... NECRO IS THE LAW! No fucking DIEHARD, NO COLOR VINYL.
Demonic unholy warfare, violence and hate towards the human race.
Hellfire Deathcult in conspiracy with von frost records & Devil Cult Ritualism​ to unleash the hellish sounding 'Death Worship' on 12" vinyl , classic black vinyl w/ insert. DEVASTATING MUSIC! Not for posers and Trendy ears.

Have a listen-