Thursday, January 18, 2018

Nuclearhammer - Frozen Misery LP (Remastered) this spring....

Record is at the Pressing plant right now, test pressings should be here next week. No pre-orders, should be ready to ship in March or April.

Nuclearhammer - Frozen Misery LP (Remastered)

Side A - Frozen Misery remastered 2016
Side B - unreleased / rehearsal tracks 2012 / 2011 w/ Hellhammer cover.

new Artwork by Krag (Paroxsihzem), The band considers this to be their 2nd Album (mlp) as do I.

50 Limited DIEHARD w/ T shirt , blue/white ice with red splatter vinyl, hand numbered art card, sticker, poster & insert.

50 Limited blue/white ice with red splatter vinyl, hand numbered art card, poster & insert.

200 Classic Black vinyl w/ Poster & insert.

All 300 will come with full color poster and insert. 50 T shirts are printed by Vault of Dried Bones & are in que for printing right now \m/

One of Canada's Best! Black/death bands, so you will not want to miss out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Jan 17th update - NEW ARRIVALS & RESTOCKS

Wednesday Jan 17th update - NEW ARRIVALS & RESTOCKS (von frost records label/distro)

Acid Cross - Murder Mano tape (von frost records)
Skid Raid - self tape (von frost records)
Hak-Ed Damm - Holocaust over Dresden tape (von frost records)
Concilivm - the veiled enigma tape w/ sticker (von frost records)
Anal Blasphemy – Bestial Black Metal Filth tape (Ars Funebris Records)
Anal Blasphemy – Profane Fornication Ejaculation (Ars Funebris Records)
Wrath Bestial - MMXV tape
Brulvahnatu - Descending Divine Worth tape
KATHGOR – the lord of infernal blasphemy TAPE (basement records)
PROTEST – take back your life tape (basement records)
CRUSADE – stay free TAP (basement records)
Aghori – Blackmass Of Hate tape (Parasitic Records)
Malhkebre - Revelation tape (Total Holocaust Records / Tour De Garde)
Horrendous - Ecdysis tape (ddr)
Horrendous - Anareta tape (ddr)
Cygnus - Heresy Of The Stargazer tape (ddr)
Nightfell - The Living Ever Mourn tape (Parasitic Records)

Irkallian Oracle – Apollyon LP (NWN)
StarGazer – A Great Work Of Ages dbl lp (Parasitic Records)
Abigail / Black Angel - Blasphemous Live Fornication 7" (Hate & Murder Productions)
Godslaying Hellblast / Necroholocaust - Bestial Laceration Of Angelcunts 7" (Hate & Murder Productions)
Tyranny - Aeons In Tectonic Interment dbl LP (Dark Descent Records)
Cauchemar - Chapelle Ardente LP (NWN)
Hellfire Deathcult - Culto A La Muerte lp Rite of Darkness / Devil Cult Ritualism)
Martire – Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse LP (NWN)
Tyrants Blood – Into The Kingdom Of Graves LP (Tridroid Records)-Canadian black / death metal,
Founded in summer 2005 by ex-Witches Hammer/Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco and drummer Kevin Volatile. -
Aldebaran – Buried Beneath Aeons LP (Parasitic Records)
Autokrator – The Obedience To Authority LP (IBP)
Demoncy – Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost LP (NWN)
Nuclearhammer – Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer dbl LP (NWN) (Limited version on silver vinyl with black/blue splatter, only available in a wholesale package from the label. )
Kreator – Endless Pain Remastered dbl lp gatefold
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill Remastered dbl lp gatefold

Occult - 1992-1993 CD Digipak (Hammerheart Records, New Era Productions)
Funeral Winds - Godslayer XUL CD (Daimonion)
Cauchemar - Chapelle Ardente CD (NWN)
Cauchemar - La Vierge Noire CD (NWN)
Anima Damnata - Atrocious Disfigurement Of The Redeemer's Corpse At The Graveyard Of Humanity CD (mORBID MOON)
Angelcorpse - Exterminate CD (Osmose Productions)
Ithaqua - Initiation To Obscure Mysteries CD (Necroshrine Records)
Mgla - With Hearts Toward None CD (Malignant Voices)
Vanhelgd - Temple Of Phobos cd DIGIPAK (Pulverised Records / Dark Descent Records)
Unholy Grave – Grind Killers CD (Selfmadegod Records – SMG 063)
Satan's Propaganda ?– Rock For Satan CD (Amor Fati)
Bestial Raids – Master Satan's Witchery CD (NWN)
Atomtrakt – Schutt & Asche CD digipak (Mercenary Musik)
Atomtrakt – Nuklearchetyp CD digipak (Mercenary Musik)
Denouncement Pyre – Black Sun Unbound CD (HHR)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Insömniax - III - A deaf and dying world pro tape early summer

Available, for a very short time, you can listen to the new album, III - Unmedicated" in its entirety while preparing for its release through the one and only: Von Frost Records. No Bandcamp or other links will be made available until after the release date.
15 tracks of grinding, anti-social, anti-trend, misanthropic crust metal. Stay tuned to Von Frost Records for a release date.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ruin/VHS split 7" late spring...

Other labels wimped out.
von frost records has open the gates of hell... In league with VHS & RUIN to bring you pure filth,ugly,disgusting Horror filled sewer gutter DEATH METAL!
Ruin/VHS split 7" limited 250 copies first 100 w/ hand numbered 6" x 8" art card. look for this sickness late spring.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Waffenträger Luzifers - compilation tape this spring....

Waffenträger Luzifers - compilation tape this spring. Pro tape with AMAZING! new art work & layout from Death Metal veteran and artist Mark Riddick . Mark has been a friend and supporter of von frost records since it's birth and I thank him for all he's done for me and my label.

Now onto Germany's Waffenträger Luzifers, I only discovered these guys a few months ago when I made a trade with the label for some of their Satanic Propaganda Full-length LPs. I instantly needed more from this band, I began my search and found that they had a lot of split cd's. I contacted the band and asked them if they would be interested in releasing a pro tape with all these tracks. So what you will get is not only amazing Mark Riddick art work & lay out design you get fucking 25 tracks of Primitive Goatworshipping Black Metal. A young band that capture that Black Metal feeling that the Ancient warriors once had. .... Look out for this amazing 25 track tape along with a RKE of 50 with a T shirt & sticker. Total limited to only 100 copies. Hail Satan, Hail the true spirit of Black Metal.

No pre-order, No holds.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hellfire Deathcult - Death Worship 12" coming This summer or Fall....

Demonic unholy warfare, violence and hate towards the human race.
Hellfire Deathcult in conspiracy with von frost records to unleash the hellish sounding 'Death Worship' on 12" vinyl. we are shooting for a fall release but hope to have it ready this summer.

Friday, January 5, 2018

VOCIFERIAN - T R I U M P H A N T U S U R P E R B E A S T LP this spring

VOCIFERIAN • 20 Years Anniversary & Farewell! Coming this spring.
*T R I U M P H A N T U S U R P E R B E A S T* LP
Monument of the most borderline raging plague ever delivered by the band, finally reissued on an exceptional Vinyl LP

Lord GENOCIDE Retrospective Poster , insert , huge front silver foil stamped sticker, Limited Color vinyl : Nuclear Green/Toxic Orange with Black Splatter (100 color , 200 classic black).
This is the true spirit of ugly disgusting necro black metal.